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A Coach who already has ‘NLP’ on your to-do list
You understand the value of NLP but you have been put off by the cost, or because you are too busy working to commit to a lengthy Practitioner course (5 – 20 days), or both. You need an affordable, shorter course that delivers the most useful NLP concepts and tools in a user friendly way.
A Coach who wants to stand out from the competition
You have yet to find a way to get noticed in a crowded market place where supply (number of coaches) is greater than demand (for coaching). NLP for Coaches can help you build build a USP (Unique Selling Point) that will help you differentiate your practice from other coaches' and attract more clients.
A Coach who works in HR, L & D, People Development or OD
Coaching people is part of your every day role and yet you know you could be more effective with further training. You need new skills so that you can help your team be more productive and make a significant difference to the bottom line.
A Coach who simply wants to be the best Coach you can be!
You are passionate about what you do and want to create value for your clients. You take your own personal and professional development seriously. You want to learn new skills that will help you build a successful and profitable coaching practice.

Live training v. the same great content online; it's up to you

Join us for a live 1 Day 'NLP for Coaches' training and learn all the NLP concepts and tools that you need to build your USP and create more value for your clients, or, if you prefer, you can access the same great 'NLP for Coaches' content online; join our live 8 week course (8 x 90 minute sessions)

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