0c52759-3One of my favourite NLP Models is Robert Dilts’ Neurological Levels model. It provides a great framework which you can use to introduce your self.



Environment: Where you live and who you spend time with
Behaviour: What you do, your work and interests
Capabilities: Your skills and experience that enable you to do what you do
Beliefs and Values: What you believe and what you think/feel is important. Hopefully these inform your choices about what you do!
Identity: Who you think/feel you are as a person. ‘I am …….’ statements

Here goes: my name is Pam Rigden. I live in Lymington with two adorable boxer Dogs named Bundle and Joy. I teach Coaches, and other people development specialists NLP and Coaching Skills (for those with no formal training in coaching). I also mentor HE students at Southampton University/Winchester School of Art who have mental health issues in subjects as diverse as Podiatry and Fine Art. I qualified as an NLP Coach and Trainer in 2003 and have over 10 years experience of teaching INLPTA Diploma, Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses in both the UK and Canada. I believe that as Coaches we are enormously privileged as we have the opportunity to effect real change in people’s lives on a daily basis and what is important to me is that NLP is used responsibly. NLP is magic and with magic comes responsibility; we work with our clients with permission, we do NOT ‘do to’ them. I am a NLP Coach and Trainer and Mentor, and that is not all that ‘Iam’. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an occasional runner and dog owner.

Please feel free to add your own Introduction.


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